Pre-Workout Creatine

Beta-Crea can increase the content of Phoshocreatine in muscle by 40%!

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A massive 60 SERVINGS for only £21.99

Beta-Crea (with beta-alanine) is one of the most effective Pre-Workout Creatine formulas on the market.


Beta-Crea can increase the content of Phosphocreatine in muscle by 40%.  Phosphocreatine plays a crucial role in the recovery of ATP during high intensity workout.

When we talk about beta alanine which is the other main ingredient next to Creatine we should undreline that beta alanine increases capillary pressure and with a combination of creatine the body does not feel the weariness during the hard workout- this is the big benefit of this product! Beta Crea is also used as Post-Workout for all round recovery.

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