Pure Micronized Glutamine!

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What Is Glutamine?

The most abundant of amino acids found in the body, Glutamine (or L-Glutamine) makes up over 60 percent of the skeletal muscle tissue. It is a fuel the digestive tract and immune system craves, and 19 percent of a Glutamine molecule is made up of nitrogen, making it the primary conductor of nitrogen to the muscles. It is especially found in high concentrations in the brain, muscles, gut lining, lungs, heart, kidney, and liver where it has multiple and critical functions.

Who Can Benefit From Taking Glutamine?

Bodybuilders and strength athletes in particular can benefit from increased intake of Glutamine. As mentioned above, when bodybuilders train, Glutamine levels can drop dramatically. Muscle catabolism can occur when the body robs the muscles of Glutamine to use in the immune system or nitrogen transport. Glutamine supplementation can help reduce the effects of muscle catabolism.