Pepsin – Pepsin Is The Only Product Of It's Kind On The World Market Today! From The Makers Of Original Bulgarian Tribulus.

  • > Maximum Absorption of Protein
  • > Pepsin - Exclusive To Us At Trybest Nutrition!
  • > 100 Capsules
  • > 50 Servings Per Bottle!
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New formula! and exclusive to Trybest. Pepsin is the only product of its kind on the market today! Maximum absorption of proteins! 50 Servings Per Bottle!

Developed in Bulgaria at our state-of-the-art laboratory at Trybest Nutrition! Over 3000 Bottles sold worldwide during 2013!



The most important ingredient for a bodybuilder is the proteins. They can be found in almost every food on the planet, but in much less quantity than the fats and carbohydrates, that is why they must be absorbed 100%.

The absorption of proteins is very difficult for the body and very often without “outside” support. More than 40% of the daily consumption of proteins passes unabsorbed by the stomach and goes to the “WC” which means less muscle food and money spent for nothing.

The main absorption of proteins happens in the stomach. The dirigent of this very important process is the enzyme called Pepsin. Pepsin is the first enzyme that attacks the consumed proteins, breaking down the long chains of polypeptides into shorter chains of single amino acids.

Adding Pepsin helps the body increase the amount of amino-acids that get incorporated into the protein structure of the body. When you eat meat, eggs, milk and any kind of powdered proteins, take 1 capsule on every 30 grams of pure protein.


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