Fat Loss

With Bio-Dry You Can Seriously Get Shredded And Ripped!

  • > Next Generation Fat Burner!
  • > With Acetyl l-Carnitine + White Willow.
  • > 50 Servings Per Box!
  • > After Supplementing Bio-Dry You Will Never Return To Another Fat Loss Supplement!



BIO-DRY is the new generation fat loss formula designed to change both your life and your body shape!

BIO-DRY is a combination of two fundamental components for shaping beautiful body- acetyl l-carnitine and white willow extract. Viewed separately two components have complementary functions.

Acetyl L-carnitine is a relatively newly discovered ingredient and has only been available in the last 20 years of the history of biochemistry.

Acetyl l L-carnitine t is a metabolite (obtained) from the amino acid l-carnitine, which everybody knows. Small but very significant difference between figuratively "father" (l-carnitine) and the "son" (acetyl l-carnitine) is their action. Known l-carnitine burning fat (works) only when the body is subject to physical activity, such as sport or heavy traffic where the heart increases at least double the work pronounced increase in heart rate. Then l-carnitine for gets to work, transporting once saturated fatty acids removed from the depot cellulite under your skin, to the mitochondria of the cell where, the same saturated fatty acids are processed to unsaturated, then this same l-carnitine transports already unsaturated fatty acids to the heart, where they are burned. Unsaturated fatty acids are the only fuel used by the heart!

All the described functionality are performed also by acetyl l-carnitine with houses the only difference that acetyl l-carnitine does not require physical exertion, to activate its functions. It processes (burning) fats even when you sleep!

Acetyl l-carnitine is a miracle, that many people have not heard about it and continue to take only l-carnitine, but now you know what is the difference between the two substances, and why you should get a better evolutionary substance.

The extract of white willow is notorious for its diuretic properties and with Acetyl l carnitine these products work wonders combined!

Contained potassium nitrate is basically a diuretic effect of the extract, in combination with acetyl L-carnitine is obtained exploding mix that will make you drink more, respectively, to walk more often little need, and this is the important algorithm in burning fat and losing weight.


First month take 4 capsules- 2 capsules when you wake up and 2 capsules before workout.

If you don't workout, take two capsules when you wake up and take two capsules in the afternoon.

When the first month ends, start taking  three capsules daily- first capsule take when you wake up, the other 2 capsules take before workout, when you don't workout, take the two capules in the afternoon.

When the second month ends, start taking only two capsules daily only before workout. When you dont workout take only 1 capsule when you wake up.