Recovery Supplement

World Leader of Bulgarian Tribulus! Used By Slavi Goranchovski Winner Of 'Olympia Best Body Contest' Las Vegas 2011!

  • > Contains L-Dopa And Gaba!
  • > Advanced Muscle Recovery!
  • > Gains Of Up To 10lbs Of Solid Mass In 10 Weeks!
  • > 1 Month Supply



Trybest! World Leaders Of Top Selling Bulgarian Tribulus

Grow Stack by Trybest! Probably The Best Recovery Agent On The World Market! Only Supplement With With L-Dopa and Gaba!

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- Gains Of Up To 10lbs Of Solid Lean Mass In 10 Weeks!
- Massive Muscle Growth And Recovery!
- 100% Natural Ingredients!
- Now with 1g Gaba!
- Another Ground Breaking Supplement From Trybest Nutrition!
- 1 Month Supply

Grow Stack contains the Amino Acids, Arginine, Glutamine, Ornitine and Lysine and the two popular ingredients, L-Dopa and Gaba in perfect ratios for advanced muscle growth and recovery! Probably the best supplement on the world market for fast recovery and rapid muscle growth! Advanced post workout recovery!

Grow Stack with Amino Acid L-Dopa for post workout recovery. Now a very popular supplement in the bodybuilding world and completely natural and legal. L-Dopa works wonders for post workout recovery. Helps optimize the production of natural testosterone, leading to increased sex drive and improved sexual performance for both men and women, beneficial in stimulating muscle growth, as well as burning fat from fat cells. Thousands of bodybuilders swear by L-Dopa which is 100% safe and a natural occuring supplement. Advanced post workout recovery.

With 1000 grams of GABA! GABA is a natural Amino Acid, helpful for any active individuals, bodybuilders and athletes. Help in enhancing the body’s muscle mass, which is GABA’s conductive anabolic property and its lipotropic property helps in fat reduction and weight loss programs, simultaneously. Gaba is very helpful as a post workout recovery aid.

Grow Stack of TRYBEST Nutrition is a new balanced formula which will will help you recover and build muscle fast! Fast advanced post workout recovery!

The proprietary ingredients found in Grow Stack are absorbed rapidly and assimilated efficiently. All in all, Grow Stack will work more effectively and more readily than any other recovery supplement you have ever seen. You will never train without this post workout recovery formula!

The New Super Formula! Supplement Facts. Servings Per Container - 30

Gaba - 1000mg

L - Dopa 100mg

L - Arginine 2000mg

L - Ornitine 1000mg

L - Lisine 1000mg

L - Glutamine 900mg

There are many studies supporting the effects of each of these ingredients:

- Promotes deep sleep, improving REM sleep
Reduces body fat levels
- Increases lean muscle mass
- Enhances libido and sexual performance in both men and women
- Enhances, significantly, the immune system
- Improves bone density / counteracts osteoporosis
- Enhanced energy levels

In addition, it also has been shown in studies to have the following properties that are of clear benefit to those involved in physical activity, or are interested in overall well being:

- Improves the LDL/HDL cholesterol profile
- Strengthens and regenerates organs (including heart, liver, kidneys and lungs)
- Decreases wrinkles and improves skin texture
- Improves mood and feeling of well being
- Never forget to take it only before a night’s sleep as L-Dopa can cause drowsiness.