Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris Natural Testosterone Booster

Trybest Nutrition bring you 'Staminaxe'! Original formula of Bulgaria used by Powerlifters and Bodybuilders!

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Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris. Natural Testosterone Booster's. 

We Give You Independent & Unorthodox Info On Tribulus Terrestris Based Testosterone Boosters. If You Want Real Results With Supplements, You've Come To The Right Place. Most Tribulus Based Supplements On The World Market Are Mass Produced From China Describing Their Products As 'Bulgarian Tribulus' With Very Weak Ingredients And Often Unregulated!

Trybest Nutrition Give You The REAL Deal! The Pioneers in Bulgarian Tribulus! Its not the amount of milligram content in Tribulus! its the purity!

The original natural testosterone booster from Bulgaria!


Remember Trybest Nutrition are the pioneers in Bulgarian Tribulus! Accept no imitations!

'STAMINAXE' by Trybest Nutrition - Original Bulgarian Tribulus! Over 10,000 boxes sold worldwide during 2016! Now FREE delivery worldwide.

Trybest Nutrition are the pioneers in Bulgarian Tribulus. We are here to educate the consumer on what we call ORIGINAL Bulgarian Tribulus! Trybest! Trybest Nutrition since 1986.

  • Staminaxe®  - The real Bulgarian Tribulus! 100 Tablets in blister packs for freshness!
  • Over the years you may have heard of many Tribulus based products. Trybest is an original formula from Bulgaria used by Olympic Powerlifting Team Bulgaria for over 20 years! do not settle for inferior brands!
  • Trybest® Bulgarian Tribulus is 50 times stronger than regular Tribulus and each serving is made with 800mg of raw pure bulgarian tribulus! Manufactured in the heart of Sofia Bulgaria!
  • You may have seen many Tribulus brands advertised. Many contain poor quality material from India/China! Bulgarian Tribulus is expensive to manufacture! With Trybest you get what you pay for! Made in the heart of Sofia Bulgaria.
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Our Product Staminaxe Contains An Unprecedented Protodioscin Content of 29%! The World's Strongest!

Now in Blister Packs For Extra Potency! 85% Saponins Of Fresh And Pure Bulgarian Tribulus. 29% REAL Protodioscin!

Staminaxe® Expected Results!......

-  Dramatic Increase Of Natural Testosterone (up to 40%)
-  Increased Muscle Mass (reports of up to 14lbs in 10 weeks)
-  Drastic Increase In Strength (up to 30kg in bench press reported)
-  Increased Energy Levels
-  Increase In Workout Intensity
-  Increased Sex Drive!

-  Up To 50 x Stronger Than Regular Tribulus!
-  Officially Used By The Bulgarian Powerlifting Team For 20 Years!

Why Are Trybest Nutrition's Bulgarian Tribulus Supplements So Potent?

Over 4,000 companies worldwide are selling Bulgarian Tribulus right now. The number of companies that really know how to make Bulgarian Tribulus can be counted with the number of fingers on one hand. Trybest® is No.1!

Staminaxe® is the most sought-after Bulgarian Tribulus for Bodybuilding! Bulgarian Tribulus for bodybuilders and strength athletes worldwide!

Staminaxe® is made with a unique technology
called ultrafiltration which does not use organic solvents like other producers from India and China. These cheap inferior products are not real Bulgarian Tribulus, but an extract that does not function. With our technology we call short ultrafiltration we slowly process the fresh Bulgarian Tribulus and extract only the purest active ingredients! Bulgarian Tribulus has had bad publicity over recent years as many companies have jumped on the bandwagon. Remember Trybest Nutrition has been around for over 20 years and is the original brand which guarantees results!

Staminaxe® Bulgarian Tribulus is 100% pure and natural and can drastically increase natural testosterone levels! Bodybuilders and strength athletes swear by Trybest Bulgarian Tribulus for gains in strength and lean mass.

Trybest Nutrition produce® the original Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris produced since the 80's! We produce the most concentrated Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris on earth known as Trybest, 100% pure Bulgarian with 29% REAL Protodioscin. This maximum level of Protodioscin drastically increases natural testosterone levels for maximum gains in strength and lean mass.

Our supplement Staminaxe® contains an unprecedented Protiodioscin content of 29%! Best selling natural testosterone booster 2015!

So what is Protodioscin?

We’re glad you asked. Protodioscin from Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is believed to directly stimulate the release of Luteinizing Hormone (LH). LH is an endocrine hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland in the brain. This hormone travels from the pituitary gland down the leydig cells of the testes where it stimulates testosterone production. Testosterone is considered the KING of all muscle building hormones. It also exerts an important influence on spermatogenesis (the development of sperm cells).

With our technology we call short ultrafiltration where we develop the highest level of REAL PROTODIOSCIN (protodioscin being the main ingredient to increase testosterone). The concentration of Bulgarian Tribulus depends on the weight of the dried herb used to make the extract in every capsule. For example our Bulgarian Tribulus 'Trybest' is 50 times more concentrated.

Staminaxe® Bulgarian Tribulus is very potent resulting in drastic increases in testosterone
. Remember the concentration of Tribulus depends on the weight of the dried fruit used to make the extract in every capsule/tablet. For example Trybest's® Bulgarian Tribulus is 50 times stronger than regular Tribulus and each serving is made with 500mg of the dried fruit! with 29% Protodioscin making our supplement 'Staminaxe' super potent! Each serving contains 500mg of Trybest (ultra concentrated Bulgarian Tribulus with 29% REAL Protodioscin).

Be aware of genereic tribulus brands!

Be aware of Tribulus products claiming 80% or 95% Saponins!. Saponins are natural ingredients in Tribulus but they are not the active ingredients! Customers get attracted to these high percentages unaware of what they mean.

We need to be aware of Protodioscin which is the primary active ingredient in Bulgarian Tribulus which raises testosterone. Bulgarian Tribulus Trybest contains 29% Protodioscin which is the highest in the world today! Remember Protodioscin is the main ingredient in Tribulus! Due to the purifying process it is only possible to reach 29% Protodioscin.

Now With added L-arginine and Zinc!

These amazing combination of ingredients that have been shown to be extremely beneficial to body builders, athletes and anyone performing heavy lifting. You get these in the right ratios in Bulgarian Tribulus Trybest.

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