Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris for men and women

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris

Women can also take our supplements!

There have been clinical studies on menopausal women that show Tribulus Terrestris can reverse the effects of menopause. Estrogen levels in women become elevated, but not enough to result in any masculanizing effects. They are able to lose body fat more rapidly, increase strength and lean mass with no water retention.

Women will not experience any negative side-effects from use. However, they need to stop taking Trybest 5 days before their period. Then they can resume. When luteinizing hormone levels increase in women, follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) does as well to keep hormones in balance. (FSH levels do not increase in men). The pure ingredients of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris in Trybest and TTT are reported to work wonders for women and the manopause, Tribulus for women really can help.

Tribulus Terrestris products particularly Trybest are used by thousands of women worldwide.