Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris and Bodybuilding

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris - Trybest! Nikolay Pechalov  is the Official Representative of Trybest Nutrition

Nickolay Pechalov is an official representative of Trybest.  Please see the interview on the media section.

Nikolay; born on May 30, 1970 in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria) is an Olympic and World former champion in weightlifting. For the first part of his career he competed under the Bulgarian flag, but later moved to Croatia which he represented internationally.

During his long and successful career, Pechalov was World champion eight times in various categories and disciplines, and broke several world records. His Olympic medals are split between Bulgaria (1992 and 1996) and Croatia (2000 and 2004). In 2000 he was granted Croatian citizenship, and he now holds a Croatian passport. He resides in both Sofia (Bulgaria) and Split (Croatia).

Further achievements

  • Senior world champion (1990, 1993, 1994);

  • Silver medalist in Senior World Championships (1989 and 1998);

  • Bronze medalist in Senior World Championships (1995);

  • Senior European champion (1991–1995, 1997, 2000, 2001);

  • Silver medalist in Senior European Championships (1989, 1990, 2004);

  • Set five world records during career.

Weightlifting career bests

  • Snatch: 150.0 kg in the class to 62 kg;

  • Clean and jerk: 187.5 kg 2004 Summer Olympics in the class to 69 kg;

  • Total: 312.5 kg (137.5 + 175.0) 1992 European Weightlifting Championships in the class to 60 kg;

  • Total: 325.0 kg 2000 Summer Olympics in the class to 62 kg (Olympic record);

  • Total: 337.5 kg 2004 Summer Olympics in the class to 69 kg.

Nikolay was introduced to TTT during the late 80's and his career was launched………….

During the 80's Nikolay was introduced to the world’s most pure and potent natural testosterone enhancers! Today it is called Staminaxe Bulgarian Tribulus and TTT (original Tribulus extract) and TTT (Staminaxe with added extract of calf Testicles). Nikolay was given this unusual powder by the World Famous coach Ivan Abadjiev who was introduced to this formula by his ancestors. Those days they took it in the basic powdered form, it tasted awful but gave them increased testosterone and huge strength gains! Eventually Staminaxe and TTT became available to the public in Eastern Europe!

If you know about the current market and Tribulus Terrestris based products you will realise there are thousands of products available. Unfortunately today’s market has become flooded with inferior products and imitations. TTT and Staminaxe contain the original patented recipe! With these two massively powerful products you can take yourself to the next level just like the champion!