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The Superiority of Staminaxe and TTT! Maximum Levels Of Protodioscin For Maximum Testosterone! Massive 29% Protodioscin In Every Capsule!

So where does Trybest come from and how is it manufactured?

The most concentrated Bulgarian Tribulus is not made by a pharmaceutical giant, but by a small Bulgarian company, specialized in the manufacture of this great herb.

Over 4,000 companies worldwide are selling Tribulus right now, but the number of companies that really know how to make Tribulus can be counted with the number of fingers on one hand.

Why is Trybest the strongest Bulgarian Tribulus? Trybest is made with a unique technology developed by Natural Pharm in our STATE- OF-THE-ART LABORATORIES UNDER CONTROLLED CONDITIONS in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria. With our technology we call short ultrafiltration we develop the highest level of REAL PROTODIOSCIN (protodioscin being the main ingredient to increase testosterone).

Our Bulgarian Tribulus comes direct from the crops of Tribulus farms just outside the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria. These crops are carefully picked at specific times of the year when they are ripe. We only filter specific parts of the plant where the active ingredients are found!

Now you can see it is not possible to find pure and potent Tribulus of the same quality from mass produced ground tribulus from india and China!

We continually maintain and expand our leading edge laboratory capabilities in order to provide superior purity, potency and efficiency for our supplements.

We do not use inferior solvents like other producers from India and China. They are not real Bulgarian Tribulus, but an extract that does not function and many times are mixed with pro-hormones just to make it function. By adding pro-hormones to the capsules, it could be harmful to the human body because it is doping.

The concentration of Tribulus depends on the weight of the dried fruit used to make the extract in every capsule. For example, Trybest is 50 times more concentrated.

* REAL PROTODIOSCIN- Be aware of what is written on the label about Protodioscin! Many companies do not differentiate between SAPONINS and PROTODIOSCIN. The level of PROTODIOSCIN can not go over 30%, but SAPONINS can. That is why we are a testimonial of huge quantities of wrong information. In order for companies to sell more of their products they write 60%-80% of PROTODIOSCIN which is totally irrelevant. That is why we call our PROTODIOSCIN the REAL-PROTODIOSCIN.


Q: How do Trybest  supplements work?

A: Trybest causes the body to release luteinizing hormone, which sends a signal to the testes to produce high levels of testosterone. It also prevents the body from recognizing that it is producing higher than normal levels. This is a critical factor why Trybest works so well. ??Usually when testosterone production is elevated above the normal range, the body will recognize that and the release of luteinizing hormone will be diminished. But Trybest blocks the message to reduce testosterone production and makes the body think that test levels are still low so that more luteinizing hormone is released.

Trybest and TTT work to enhance muscle mass, strength, mood, self-esteem, workout intensity, performance, immunity, sex drive and it also lowers cholesterol levels. Used by top athletes and bodybuilders. They won’t show up on any drug-test. Both are natural, safe, have no toxicity, no contradictions, and no side effects (other than increased muscle growth, lean mass, and strength). The most potent amongst any testosterone boosting supplements!

The Story Behind TTT (TESTICULIN)

The Most Potent Natural Testosterone Boosting Supplement In The World Today!

Q: So what exactly is TTT and how does it work?

A: TTT is derived from a special extract of Bull Testicles. The Bull Testicles are carefully processed where only the active ingredients are identified. The active ingredients result in a highly concentrated Zinc content which increases the natural production of the hormone Testosterone.

TTT is the purest proven formula to naturally increase the production of the hormone Testosterone. A combination of two products, highly concentrated Bulgarian Tribulus Trybest and little know to the public, a special extract of Bull Testicles, TESTICULIN (TTT). These two products act synergistically and complement their actions in an incredible way.

Natural Pharm is the company in the world which produces this patented extract and sole proprietor of its formula!

Staminaxe is already proven as the best ever extract from the herb Tribulus Terrestris because it is made with a unique technology which allows it to reach the highest levels of REAL PROTODIOSCIN.

Trybest Co is the only company in the world which produces this patented extract and sole proprietor of its formula!


Staminaxe and TTT – What’s The Difference between the both products?

TTT is a combination of two products, highly concentrated Bulgarian Tribulus, Staminaxe and TTT. Staminaxe is purely the original tribulus. Both are VERY potent but TTT will certainly take you to the next level if you are a hard trainer!

These two products act synergistically and complement their actions in an INDREDIBLE WAY.