Bulgarian Tribulus! Best Seller 2019!

Article date: 03/02/2018

Bulgarian Tribulus Formulas!

Best selling natural testosterone boosters. Staminaxe and TTT by Trybest Nutrition !

  • Trybest Nutrition Is The World Leading Brand Of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris! 

  • 100% Pure Bulgarian Tribulus! 

  • Trybest Nutrition proudly invites you to experience the TRUE ground-breaking difference. Only Trybest contains a TRUE 29% Protodioscin content, and we know you are going to love your results.  

  • The Original Brand Used By The Bulgarian Powerlifting Team! Trybest Will Increase Your Testsosterone Levels Like No Other Tribulus Based Extract!


What are Trybest Nutritions Bulgarian Tribulus Supplements?


The most concentrated Bulgarian Tribulus is not made by a pharmaceutical giant, but by a small Bulgarian company called Trybest specialized in the manufacture of this great herb.

Over 4,000 companies worldwide are selling Tribulus right now, but the number of companies that really know how to make Tribulus can be counted with the number of fingers on one hand.

What is Trybest Tribulus? -
Trybest is one of the original Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris produced since the 80's! We produce the most concentrated Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris on earth known as Staminaxe, 100% pure Bulgarian with 29% REAL Protodioscin. This maximum level of Protodioscin drastically increases natural testosterone levels for maximum gains in strength and lean mass.

We would like to simply educate our customers on Tribulus extracts. Over recent years Tribulus products have flooded the market. ‘Today there are over 4000 manufacturers of tribulus worldwide!’ The product claiming higher levels of Protodioscin such as 60% and 90% in 1000mg capsules/tablets are very inaccurate. The product may actually contain 60% or 90% of Tribulus but this is not important! what is important is the percentage of Active Ingredients! Remember any manufacturer can use ground Tribulus but it is the filtering process which is important and this is used to identify the necessary active ingredients. Many manufacturers are unaware of the active ingredients and do not differentiate. Find out more….

Why is Staminaxe the strongest Bulgarian Tribulus? Staminaxe is made with a unique technology developed by Natural Pharm, which does not use organic solvents like other producers from India and China because of economic reasons. This is not real Bulgarian Tribulus, but an extract that does not function and many times are mixed with pro-hormones just to make it function. By adding pro-hormones to the capsules, it could be harmful to the human body because it is doping.

With our technology we call short ultrafiltration where we develop the highest level of REAL PROTODIOSCIN (protodioscin being the main ingredient to increase testosterone).

The concentration of Tribulus depends on the weight of the dried fruit used to make the extract in every capsule. For example, Trybest is 50 times more concentrated.

* REAL PROTODIOSCIN - Be aware of what is written on the label about Protodioscin! Many companies do not differentiate between SAPONINS and PROTODIOSCIN. The level of PROTODIOSCIN can not go over 30%, but SAPONINS can. That is why we are a testimonial of huge quantities of wrong information. In order for companies to sell more of their products they write 60%-80% of PROTODIOSCIN which is totally irrelevant. That is why we call our PROTODIOSCIN the REAL-PROTODIOSCIN.

STAMINAXEis very potent resulting in drastic increases in testosterone. Remember the concentration of Tribulus depends on the weight of the dried fruit used to make the extract in every capsule/tablet. For example Staminaxe is 50 times stronger than regular Tribulus and each capsule is made with 8000mg of the dried fruit! with 29% Protodioscin! Each serving contains 495mg of Staminaxe (ultra concentrated Bulgarian Tribulus with 29% REAL Protodioscin).


What in the world does Protodioscin do?


We’re glad you asked. Protodioscin from Tribulus Terrestris is believed to directly stimulate the release of Luteinizing Hormone (LH). LH is an endocrine hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland in the brain. This hormone travels from the pituitary gland down the leydig cells of the testes where it stimulates testosterone production. Testosterone is considered the KING of all muscle building hormones. It also exerts an important influence on spermatogenesis (the development of sperm cells).

But “tribulus” in general is not capable of exerting such effects on the human endocrine system. Of the many saponins contained in Tribulus, only Protodioscin is capable of eliciting this prolific influence on testosterone production.

When testosterone levels are naturally elevated, an athletes anabolic potential becomes greatly amplified.
Testosterone turns on the growth switch inside muscle cells, signaling muscle cells to begin a process known as protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is the assembly of new muscular proteins, resulting in bigger, thicker, and denser muscle mass. The more testosterone an athlete wields, the greater their anabolic potential to crush their competition, build lean mass, improve power output, speed recovery, and supercharge their overall athletic performance.

Trybest Nutrition proudly invites you to experience the TRUE ground-breaking difference. Only Trybest supplements (Staminaxe and TTT) contains a TRUE 29% Protodioscin content, and we know you are going to love your results.


Trybest supplements are made from Tribulus Terrestris crops in Bulgaria specifically for making potent testosterone boosters.

The analysis made in Salt Lake City-USA, showed that the level of REAL PROTODIOSCIN in Trybest is 29%. This fact makes Trybest supplements the most concentrated Tribulus on the planet in regard to high protodioscin!

Brad Cooper from London on Bulgarian Tribulus, October 2018

'TTT and Staminaxe are the real deal.  I l train at my local gym in London and told my friends of this Bulgarian Tribulus TTT and Staminaxe. I have seen massive improvements whilst using these supplements! Strength and Muscle gains are amazing even after only 4 weeks!'